I’ve offered a website as an item in the 2014 Taroona Primary School online Christmas auction.

The short story is I’m offering website development up to a value of around $2000-$3000, minus all the recurrent/ongoing costs involved in having a website.

The long story is as follows.


  • Basic display (non-ecommerce) website development up to a value of around $2000-$3000
  • To be completed within 6 months (but more likely 3 months!)* of all required content being supplied by the successful buyer
  • The package would be including:
    • Initial discussion on the requirements for the site
    • Preparation of documented requirements overview based on that discussion
    • Registration of domain name (if required) – at buyer’s cost (see exclusions below)
    • Hosting setup (if required) – at buyer’s cost (see exclusions below)
    • Content Management System (CMS) of my choice – installation and configuration
    • Website design/template editing, in collaboration with buyer
    • Creation of textual copy (if required) for up to 6 content pages, or insertion of buyer’s (edited) wording
    • Online contact form/Google maps links if desired
    • Ability to embed pictures/YouTube videos
    • Basic search engine optimisation
    • Registration with search engines
    • Basic Google Analytics site statistics setup
    • Basic security hardening over and above standard installation
    • Up to one hour of training in using the CMS to enable the buyer to self-manage website content
    • Complete backup of website and all associated login credentials, provided on suitable media, to enable to buyer to take the site to another IT provider for management in future, if so desired.


  • Ecommerce functions (the site could be built in such a way to allow this to be added later if so desired – discuss as part of the initial consultation if desired)
  • Advanced/custom functionality (if in doubt, please enquire)
  • Photography
  • Additional page copy (i.e. over and above the 6 included pages)
  • Cost of hosting (typically $100 – $350 p.a.)
  • Cost of domain name (typically $10 – $40 p.a.)
  • Ongoing backend maintenance – security updates, functionality updates, troubleshooting. Options to deal with this exclusion would include:
    • Training to self-manage most of these requirements (another ~two hours)
    • Engage another IT provider to manage these requirements
    • Engage mroffice to manage these requirements (typical indication of cost is $50 – $200 p.a.)
  • Ongoing content maintenance (training to self-manage is included if desired; if not desired, any ongoing content maintenance will need to be performed at the buyer’s cost)

If you’re considering bidding for this item and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – post a comment against the item in the Facebook group and I’ll answer it there in case it’s helpful to others as well.

* The long lead times allowed for here are due to the fact that I’ll be doing this around paid work as well.