What I do

Website construction

I design and build websites according to your needs and preferences. These can be a one-page ‘online brochure’ or an online shopfront, using predefined layouts or working to a brand new design.



I produce technical manuals, processes and procedures, marketing copy and more.

Toolset development

I develop systems to streamline your workflow, whether it’s a script to prepare your monthly reports automatically, or a full blown database.

Microsoft Office

I wrangle data and text to make your information better presented and more meaningful. I can even make Microsoft Office do it “automagically” for you.

Business Analysis

I get my head around what your business does and document it. That’s the first step towards identifying better ways of doing things. It can also be the first step towards developing an IT solution for your organisation.



I teach people to get the most out of their software, whether it’s making an appointment in Outlook or managing construction in Project. We can work together one-on-one, or I can run a group session for your workplace.


I produce active content such as online training videos.

Help desk

Wondering why those bullet points won’t behave? Need to update a sentence or two on your website? Give me a call.

Consultants and third parties

A lot of people assume that if you work in IT, you can fix any problem that has anything to do with a computer. Sadly, that’s not the case (for stuff I don’t do, see my FAQ section).

However, if I can’t help you myself, I probably know someone who can – I’ve been moving in IT circles for some time.

Sometimes, I’ll engage someone else to do specialist work on my behalf. In those cases, you’ll still be dealing with me, and I’ll still be the one standing behind the work.